Advancing Healthcare

See how we support the world’s leading healthcare companies to accelerate innovation in healthcare.

Pharmly Analytics

With Pharmly Analytics you get access to all the pharmaceutical market intelligence you need. From prescribing analysis to pricing trends and opportunities for your chosen products: reimagine healthcare data analytics with our app.


Pharmly Cloud Data

Pharmly Cloud data provides instant access to a wide range of high-quality UK healthcare datasets. You can download the data via a simple web interface or even access the data programmatically via a REST API, for those more technically minded.


About Analytic Health

We focus on 3 key areas; delivering high quality data, providing healthcare data analytics, and identifying opportunities to deliver better healthcare to patients.

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We enrich a wide range of data sources to provide healthcare teams all they need to understand their patients. We gather, clean and validate all UK healthcare data and consolidate it in one place.

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We help companies to visualise trends and patterns in data via Pharmly Analytics- our main analytical app that focusses on helping you to make data-driven decisions.

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Using Data Science, we pro-actively identify opportunities for cost savings, new product launches and improvements for your company and the UK healthcare system.

Who We Work With

We support a wide range of leading global healthcare companies.

Our Associations

We are proud to be active participants in the healthcare industry community