Advancing Healthcare

See how we support the world’s leading healthcare companies to understand their patients.

Pharmly Portal

The Pharmly Portal makes a wide range of specialised tools available to your teams, from prescribing analytics to customer relationship management tools. Customisable to each user, the tools are built to optimise user experience and efficiency.


Data Science and AI

We help teams to explore the underlying patterns in the data by building advanced machine learning models. From forecasting company sales performance to predicting the next pharmaceutical shortages, our Data Science team aim to implement practical solutions to your biggest questions.


About Analytic Health

We focus on 3 key areas; high quality data, analytics applications, and Data Science Projects.

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We enrich a wide range of data sources to provide healthcare teams all they need to understand their patients.

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We run large scale Data Science projects for Healthcare companies. Taking advantage of our high performance computing environments, we build production grade machine learning models.

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We help companies to visualise the trends and patterns in the data via interactive applications, conveniently bundled into the Pharmly Portal.

Who We Work With

We support a wide range of leading global healthcare companies.

Our Associations

We are proud to be active participants in the healthcare industry community