People Need Information From Data

The richest source of information in UK healthcare is the prescribing dataset. Understanding the medications prescribed, down to individual GP surgeries, can offer invaluable (anonymised) information which people use to shape regional health policies, monitor disease trends, and guide company portfolio strategies.

All this information is available, however, there is a catch; with over 20million rows of data released by the NHS every month – it is ‘somewhat’ inaccessible without a high-performance computing environment, a team of data scientists and a lot of time on your hands.

So, How Can I Get The Data?

Previously, accessing prescribing data could go something like this…

“Downloading the file… hmm that’s taking some time. While I wait, I’ll try to install the data science software I need to view the data… ok let’s give it a go.”

*Some hours later*

“I can view some data! Now to check the trends- I just need to download 11 more files and I’ll be able to see trends over a year.”

*After manually downloading the 11 files*

“Ah, but that’s at the molecule level for England only, how can I check brand performance, just for tablets, across the whole of the UK?” ?

What’s The Problem Here?

Clearly, there is a problem here, and the problem is not the analyst, the account manager, or the data scientist. Every person has a unique skill set, and we add value to our team or project, in the best way we can. But we cannot be expected to do everything- I certainly do not manufacture my running shoes before I go out for a jog! So why should you spend your time gathering huge datasets from various places to get that piece of information you need?

How Can We Help?

At Analytic Health we have gone through the process above so that you and your teams don’t have to. After many years in roles across healthcare, our team has experienced it all, and that is exactly the reason we now so passionately make the information available to our clients.

With enriched datasets* and interactive visualisation tools, we let people do what they do best (which not even the most advanced technology can do) – feel empowered to collaborate with their colleagues while acting upon the information gained from data!

Above you can see part of the prescribing analysis view of our Pharmly web application.

Let’s Discuss

If you would like a demonstration of how we can help you, please contact us and we will happily arrange a call to discuss this with you in more depth.

Stay Safe And Stay Empowered By Data!

*the term enriched datasets here refers to cleaned data, merged with other sources, thereby adding value.