-by Veerle van Leemput, Managing Director at Analytic Health

From data insights to a live data connection- our apps provide it all

You’re probably reading this blog because you’re wondering which application, Pharmly Analytics or Pharmly Cloud Data, would be the right fit for you or your company. While both apps are great providers of marketing intelligence, they serve different purposes. In this blog we’ll lay out the key features of both apps and explain the difference between the two.

Pharmly Analytics 📊

Pharmly Analytics reimagines healthcare data analytics. The app gives access to UK pharmaceutical market intelligence. With all the main healthcare datasets available and the option to build your own view in the AI Console, this is the tool you need when you want to analyse the market.

With Pharmly Analytics we help you to identify opportunities for your product portfolio, ranging from green initiatives to brand optimisation and suggested product launches, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest market changes like drug tariff price changes, shortages and new market entries.

Pharmly Analytics is a great fit for companies who are looking for support when it comes to analysing UK market data. We gather, clean, validate and store the data. Then we turn this data into actionable insights and make it available in Pharmly Analytics. By subscribing to Pharmly Analytics, you will take pressure off your salesforce and business development team and support your analysts by leveraging our AI analytics engine to determine the best strategic market opportunities.

Pharmly Analytics is fully customisable: our AI Console works with Smart Views so you can build the Console with products that matter to you. Think about your own company view, but also views related to a specific therapy area, active ingredient, other companies of interest or a specific set of metrics.

Pharmly Cloud Data ☁️

Pharmly Cloud Data is the UK healthcare data marketplace. The app provides instant access to a wide range of high-quality UK pharmaceutical market datasets. You can download the data via a simple web interface or even access the data programmatically via a REST-API, for those more technically minded.

We developed Pharmly Cloud Data because there was huge demand for easily accessible, cleaned and validated healthcare data. Analysts and Data Science teams may have their own analytical tools to gather insights, but often lack the continuously updated stream of data that is needed as input for these tools.

Pharmly Cloud Data is a great fit for companies who already have the resources to do their own analysis, but are looking to get data in a reliable way. With Pharmly Cloud Data you get access to our data warehouse, meaning that you don’t have to gather, clean, validate and store the data on your own systems. With a live data connection you can access our data at any time. And you can even store our data in your own databases if you want to.

By providing both an easy to use web interface and a programmatic REST API the app is great for users who prefer to download datasets to Excel and also for users who prefer to write their own programs.

The Difference

Both apps serve a different purpose: Pharmly Analytics provides intelligence, and Pharmly Cloud Data provides data. In Pharmly Analytics you will see graphs, maps, trend analysis, opportunities and summary tables. In Pharmly Cloud Data you will see all our datasets with an option to download them.

You Don’t Have To Choose

Both apps work great together: Pharmly Cloud Data provides the data and Pharmly Analytics provides insights on top of that data. If you want to have the best of both worlds, you don’t have to choose. You can help your team with a continuous data stream AND analytics. A subscription to both apps comes with a 20% discount 💡

Still In Doubt?

It’s always easier to see things live! We’re more than happy to show you both apps during one of our demos. You can also try both of them out during our one-week trial. Simply book a meeting with us and we’ll make it happen!