Data-driven actionable insights

Pharmly® Analytics provides data-driven actionable insights to healthcare companies that help more people access medicines.

Pharmly Analytics

Pharmly® Analytics is the go-to application for accessing data-driven actionable insights. Access a complete overview of all your products and at a glance, you will see valuable market opportunities, primary and secondary care prescribing trends, branded versus generic prescribing rates, recent price changes, newly granted licenses and much more. Never miss a new market entry, a price change or a shortage event.

Market Intelligence

Pharmly® Analytics is trusted by multiple healthcare companies as their pharmaceutical market intelligence tool. Whether you're a portfolio manager, business development manager, sales manager or commercial director, Pharmly® Analytics helps you to efficiently assess the competitive landscape. With advanced filter and search options, you're just seconds away from finding key insights.

Prescribing Analysis

Our Prescribing Analysis identifies growth in volume and cost of prescribing in the UK as well as generic and branded prescription rates. Our enriched prescribing data enables healthcare companies to better understand pharmaceutical prescribing trends so they can identify opportunities to help more people access medicines. With a simple search by active ingredient, product and/or strength we make it easy to navigate through all prescriptions across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Pricing Trends

Pharmly® Analytics offers access to Drug Tariff Prices, List Prices and Shortage Concessionary Prices. The Drug Tariff Price is the rate at which the Department of Health generally reimburse pharmacies for prescription medications, whereas the Concessionary Price is a higher rate granted during a generic shortage. Accessing all of this pricing in one application helps companies plan imports during shortage situations or new product launches.

Dictionary of Medicines and Devices

The Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (DM+D) contains all the medicines and devices used across the NHS. Every company that provides a medication or medical device in the UK must first register their product, including detailed characteristics, with the DM+D. Our DM+D tracker gives you advanced search capabilities to better understand the market, available products and competitors. We keep you informed about newly registered products, and the number of active companies.

Licensing: Market Authorisations

Pharmaceutical companies are required to obtain a Marketing Authorisation for each medication they wish to launch. In the Licensing section of Pharmly® Analytics, you have access to advanced search options to help you access marketing authorisations. Besides information about the authorisation holder and status of a license, Pharmly® Analytics offers direct access to all Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), Summary Of Product Characteristics documents (SPC) and the Public Assessment Report (PAR) for each Marketing Authorisation granted.

Fully Customisable

Pharmly® Analytics offers you the option to define your own portfolios. This is a powerful tool to view any set of products so you always get the information and opportunities that matter to you. And if that's not tailored enough, we can build you a beautiful bespoke interactive report.

Market Opportunities

Pharmly® Analytics analyses every dataset to identify the Integrated Care Boards that would benefit most from switching to one of your brands, which additional products would be optimal and complimentary for your portfolio, where there are emerging trends, how you can reduce packaging costs and much more! Our opportunities contribute to our mission to help more people access medicines by identifying unique opportunities to deliver better healthcare.