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Pharmly Cloud data provides instant access to a wide range of high-quality UK healthcare datasets. You can download the data via a simple web interface or even access the data programmatically via a REST API, for those more technically minded.

Our Pharmly Code Makes Our Data Unique

We developed our pharmaceutical coding system, the Pharmly Code, out of a necessity to combine, manage and make available our wide range of healthcare data via Pharmly Cloud Data. Our Pharmly Code allows you to combine datasets and identify Active Ingredients, Product Packs, Companies and more. You can download our White Paper about the Pharmly Code here.

Our Web Interface & REST API

Pharmly Cloud Data offers access to all data sources in two ways: via a simple and intuitive web interface and through an REST API.

From within the web interface you can easily select relevant products and hit the download button. It's that simple! All data sources are enriched with a unique Pharmly code that allows you to easily combine all the data. In the web interface, you can save products you're interested in so you can easily retrieve the same list of products the next time you log in. Simple, easy, and fast. Let us take care of the data, so you can focus on matters. Curious to see our app? Take a look here!

Our REST-API allows you to programmatically retrieve information from our data warehouse. It's fast, efficient and comes with an extensive technical documentation and support so you can easily integrate our API with your own systems, databases and dashboards.

Prescribing Data & Prescription Cost Analysis

Our enriched prescribing data enables healthcare companies to better understand pharmaceutical prescribing trends across the UK. Our clients use this data in a variety of ways; as part of predictive analytics projects which identify future pharmaceutical shortages, identifying cost-saving strategies for the NHS, and to track brand performance. Available at GP level, and grouped by Clinical Commissioning Group / Health and Social Care Trust, the data represents prescriptions written in primary care across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Besides prescribing data, we also offer data on dispensed medicines in primary care. This helps our clients to understand how much of their prescriptions have been fulfilled and what the general dispensing habits are. The data providing this information is also known as Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) data and is available monthly for England.

Pharmaceutical Shortages Data

Perhaps more important than ever, this dataset provides the full history of pharmaceutical shortages in the UK. Updated by the Department of Health and Social Care multiple times per month the concessionary price list defines the level of reimbursement pharmacies will receive in the event of shortages. With analysis of historical trends our clients use this information to identify patterns in the data which may signal an impending shortage or estimate the duration of the current situation.

Drug Tariff Pricing Data

The Drug Tariff, also known as the Drug Tariff price, is the amount that the National Health Service (NHS) repays pharmacies for generic prescription medications. In simpler terms, it lists the reimbursement price paid to a dispensing contractor for dispensing a drug to a patient via an NHS prescription. The NHS produces and distributes the Drug Tariff on a monthly basis. Pharmly Cloud Data offers access to Drug Tariff prices for over 1,100 active ingredients.

List Price Data

Currently tracking over 90,000 product packs, over 400 weeks, our list price dataset now contains almost 40 million data points. Company-specific list prices tell us a lot of information about market demand and corporate strategy, alike. Our clients rely on this information to plan product launches and monitor competition.

Dictionary Of Medicines & Devices (DM+D)

The DM+D is a large repository of all the medicines and devices used across the NHS. When any company would like to provide a medication or medical device they must first register their product, including detailed characteristics, with the DM+D; making the dataset a vital piece in understanding the market.

Secondary Care Medicines Data

This data contains processed pharmacy stock control data from all NHS Hospital, Teaching, Specialist, Mental Health and Community Trusts in England, grouped by Trust and Commissioning Hub (Region). We gather secondary care medicines data each month, at the same time as the primary care prescriptions data.

Pricing and Plans

Let us take care of the data, so you can focus on what matters. Choose Pharmly Cloud Data and start with a one-week free trial.

Features Base Premium ⭐️ Enterprise 🤖
Active Ingredients per month 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Requests per month 1,000 10,000 10,000
History included 24 months 48 months 48 months
Prescribing data
Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) data
Secondary Care Medicines Data
List prices
Drug Tariff prices
Concessionary data
Dictionary of Medicines and Devices
Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)
Access to web interface
Premium support
Access to REST API
Excel add-in for the REST API
Bespoke mapping datasets (e.g. GMC data & GP location data)
Users 1 1 5
Price per month £ 150 £ 225 £ 1250
Price per additional user (per month) £ 150 £ 225 £ 250

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These prices are VAT excluded and for in-house usage of Pharmly Cloud Data. If you’re using Pharmly Cloud Data for commercial purposes we offer a tailored quotation.

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