Access healthcare data

Pharmly Cloud data provides instant access to a wide range of high-quality UK healthcare datasets. Download the data via a simple application or even access the data via a live data feed (REST API).

The Pharmly Code Makes Our Data Unique

We developed our pharmaceutical coding system, the Pharmly Code, out of a necessity to combine, manage and make available our wide range of healthcare data via Pharmly Cloud Data. The Pharmly Code allows you to combine datasets and identify Active Ingredients, Product Packs, Companies and more. You can download our White Paper about the Pharmly Code here.

Pharmly Cloud Data

Pharmly Cloud Data offers access to data sources via two routes: a simple and intuitive web application and via a live data feed (or REST API).

Within the web application, you can simply select relevant active ingredients or brands and hit the download button. All data sources are enriched with a unique Pharmly code that allows you to manage and easily combine the data. Curious to see more? Take a look here!

The REST-API allows you to retrieve data programmatically from our data warehouse. It's fast, efficient and comes with full technical documentation and support so you can easily integrate our API into your own systems.

Prescribing Data

Our enriched prescribing data enables healthcare companies to better understand pharmaceutical prescribing trends across the UK and is used in a variety of ways such as planning for product launches, monitoring brand performance and identifying cost-saving strategies for the NHS.

Available at GP level, and also grouped by Integrated Care Board / Health Board, the data represents prescriptions written in primary care across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Pharmaceutical Shortages Data

Perhaps more important than ever, this dataset provides the full history of pharmaceutical shortages in the UK. Updated by the Department of Health and Social Care multiple times per month the concessionary price list defines the level of reimbursement pharmacies receive in the event of medicinal shortages. With analysis of historical trends our clients use this information to identify patterns in the data which may signal an impending shortage or estimate the duration of the current situation.

Drug Tariff Pricing Data

The Drug Tariff is the value that the National Health Service (NHS) reimburse pharmacies for prescription medications. Pharmly Cloud Data offers access to Drug Tariff prices for over 1,100 active ingredients for England, Wales and Scotland.

With simple search functions, you can access and analyse the historical drug tariff prices. Why not set up a live data feed to pull the drug tariff prices direclty into your own Excel workbooks or other applications? We’ll set it all up for you!

List Price Data

Currently tracking over 90,000 product packs, over 500 weeks, our list price dataset now contains over 40 million data points. Company-specific list prices tell us a lot of information about market demand and corporate strategy, alike. Our clients rely on this information to plan product launches and monitor competition.

Dictionary of Medicines + Devices

The Dictionary Of Medicines & Devices (DM+D) is a huge repository of all the medicines and devices used across the NHS. When any company would like to provide a medication or medical device they must first register their product, including detailed characteristics, with the DM+D; making the dataset a vital piece in understanding the competitive landscape.

Secondary Care Medicines Data

This dataset contains data from all NHS Hospital, Teaching, Specialist, Mental Health and Community Trusts in England, grouped by Trust and Commissioning Hub (Region). Used to understand medication usage in secondary care compared with primary care, building patient models and a vital part of the portfolio management and business development process.