Pharmly Portal

The Pharmly Portal makes a wide range of specialised tools available to your teams, from prescribing analytics to customer relationship management tools. Customisable to each user, the tools are built to optimise user experience and efficiency.

Pharmly Portal

Pharmly Portal Applications

A wide array of applications can be accessed from within the Pharmly Portal, here’s some of our favourites.

Pharmly Prescribing

Pharmly Prescribing enables a detailed understanding of prescribing habits around the UK. From identifying correlations between pharmaceutical prescriptions to disease outbreaks, tracking existing public health issues, to identifying launch strategies, our prescribing application serves many purposes for our clients.

Pharmly Cloud Data

Pharmly Cloud Data is re-imagining healthcare data in the UK. Regularly updated, high quality, enriched datasets, are vital to help teams to understand their patients and customers needs.

As a Key Account Manager you may be interested in geographical prescribing trends and as a Data Scientist you may be interested in predicting next year’s drug tariff prices. Whatever your goals, we have the data to make it happen.

Pharmly Pricing

Pharmly Pricing offers users access to weekly updated pricing information on almost 100,000 pharmaceutical product packs. Used as features in predictive models or to build distribution plans the list prices and drug tariff prices are a vital aspect of the Portal.

Pharmly Shortages

Pharmly Shortages provides users with access to the generic pharmaceutical shortages information. We enrich the data and enable search features to help you detect patterns over time for the active ingredients you’re most interested in.