Meet the team behind Analytic Health

We are Analytic Health and our mission is to develop intelligent and accessible technology which gives organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare.

Where it all started

We all started somewhere. Analytic Health was founded in 2018 by Greg Mills. Working in the pharmaceutical industry Greg realised that there was a need for a centralized place for healthcare data and analytics. Driven by the belief that access to data improves healthcare and thus should be more easily accessible he started gathering healthcare data from all over the UK. With a passion for programming and data analytics he developed the Analytic Health application, which still serves as a basis for Pharmly Analytics as it is today!

Multiple companies found their way to the web application and in 2020 Jana Kopecna came on board as Head of Operations to make sure that all business processes run smoothly. In that same year, Analytic Health rebranded the web application to Pharmly and also started to develop other customized web applications for healthcare companies to leverage their own (sales) data.

In 2021, Greg partnered up with Veerle van Leemput, who joined the company to bring in expertise related to software development and data science.

Today we’re proud to have such a passionate core team and 50+ users who use our applications daily to make their life easier. We continue to expand our products and datasets in order to fulfill our mission to accelerate innovation in healthcare!

What we do

We develop web applications that allow customers to access data and insights from that data so they can make optimal decisions in their business. We provide more than just graphs and figures: we aim to provide unique insights and active recommendations to really gain value from data.

We provide two in-house web applications targeted at providing market insights in the United Kingdom: Pharmly Analytics and Pharmly Cloud Data. Where Pharmly Analytics focusses on deriving insights from pharmaceutical market intelligence data, Pharmly Cloud Data focusses on gathering and combining data from different sources so users can easily access and download it.

Our apps are available in the Pharmly Portal: the place where you can find all the tools that Analytic Health provides.

What we value

  • Our customers: we make our customers fall in love with our products
  • Innovation: we are entrepreneurs and we’re here to shape the future of healthcare
  • Honesty: we value the truth and will always be honest
  • Our team: we are in it together
  • Fun: whatever we do, we make it fun!

Meet the team

Greg Mills - Managing Director & Founder

With a life-long passion for science and health, Greg completed his Master of Science (MSc) Degree in 2014. Having honed an advanced skill-set in the field of data science and machine learning during the MSc, and building upon experience in Portfolio Management and Business Planning for a leading Generics manufacturer and Supply Chain Planning for a leading Medical Device company, Greg began developing analytics applications for the healthcare industry. At Analytic Health, he now oversees the management of the business and takes a focus on product design and data engineering; ensuring the validity of our data.

Veerle van Leemput - Managing Director & Head of Data Science

Veerle is a fullstack developer with a Master’s Degree in Data Science and multiple years of experience in bringing Data Science to the healthcare market- on both the development and business side. She is passionate about programming and cloud infrastructure and is active in the R community to promote the R programming language. Within Analytic Health she is responsible for general management, software development and Data Science.

Jana Kopecna - Head of Business Operations

As the Head of Business Operations Jana brings a wealth of experience to the team, stemming from roles in global healthcare organisations and financial start-ups. From managing our financial analysis and building working relationships with clients to testing the user experience of our applications, Jana is an integral member of the team.